Events and Activities
  • September 2014

    Stent For Life Physician Education Satellite Meeting in Assiut

    Very successful satellite educational meeting was held in Assiut, in which Dr. Hosam Hasan El Araby shared his experience with more than 100 post-graduates and doctors from all over Assiut governorate. Sessions were very interesting and all of the attendees promised to support Stent For Life project.

  • June 2014

    CardioAlex 2014

    Two sessions about Stent For Life were held in CardioAlex 2014, one of them with Prof. Petr Kala from Czech Republic and the other with Prof. Josepa Mauri from Spain, and both with the presence of Prof. Mohamed Sobhy the Champion of SFL project and many of supporting professors.

    Also, a booth for Stent For Life was receiving Doctors and Professors from many countries to show the importance of the Project and to explain the steps of registry, also for the awareness of the campaign “Act now, Save a life”.

  • May 2014

    Euro PCR 2014

    Contribution of Stent For Life booth in Euro PCR 2014 in Paris reflected in the increment of registering cases and the participation of doctors in the awareness campaigns of Stent For Life in Egypt.

  • June 2012

    Stent For Life session in CardioAlex 2012

    All the Egyptian board of Stent for Life project , Minister of Health , Syndicate of Medicine dean & the head of the Egyptian society of Cardiology attended the Stent For Life Session having Professor Mohamed Sobhy – Egypt project Chairman and Professor William Wijns to demonstrate the importance of implementation of this project in all countries specially Egypt.

    Stent For Life Physician Education Satellite Meeting Ain Shams university

    On the other hand, with every event held through SFL campaign a unique chance is given to the juniors attending to show their singularity that’s what happened At Ain Shams University, five of the juniors prepared 5 case presentations concerning the discussed topic and Professor Ayman Saleh, Professor Sameh Shahin and Professor Tarek Zaky, did a great job in discussing the cases with them and how to apply the guidelines to such cases.

    Stent For Life Physician Education Satellite Meeting Tanta university

    Another satellite meeting was held in Tanta, Prof.Mohammed Setiha shared his experience in applying myocardial revascularization guidelines with students from all over Tanta governorate, they showed great interaction and interest in Stent For Life Project , Prof Mohammed answered their questions and promised for more meetings and involvement.

    Great Thanks and appreciation for all professors and doctors members of SFL team for the effort , SFL Europe team for support and Industry Medical and pharma companies sponsoring the project in Egypt mainly Abbott Vascular,Sanofi and Novartis. Mohamed Sobhy, Country Champion Egypt Ahmed El Shal, Project Manager Egypt

  • May 2012

    Stent For Life Egypt Participation in Euro PCR 2012

    Egypt Have participated in The global Activities for Stent for life project during Euro PCR in Paris as one of the participating countries in this project , all the Egyptian physicians and the SFL board members attending Euro PCR were invited to attend the Egyptian happy hour at the SFL booth to share the celebration and results achieved by the project in Egypt and share the feedbacks and new implemented ideas. Also Egypt was chosen to represent the Stent For life project , on the daily newsletter of Euro PCR , by an article demonstrating Egypt implementation to resolve the obstacles in the project.

    Stent for Life Initiative placed at the forefront in Egypt!....Egypt Article in Euro PCR Daily newsletter –Thursday 17th May 2012
    Stent for life Egypt began with the beginning of the year 2011 in same time of the ignition of the first spark of the Egyptian revolution that raised the spirits and enhanced the commitment of every Egyptian citizen towards his country, with this beginning full of enthusiasm SFL board met and discussed the current status of the cardiovascular patients in Egypt specially those who are susceptible for ST elevation and specified the barriers towards introducing the best healthcare to them. “We have high spirits in the post-revolution environment, as there is an increased sense of responsibility toward both our beloved Egypt and its people,” said Dr. Ahmed El Shal, Stent for Life Egypt National Project Manager.

    And as a first step an online registry was launched and we accomplished its first phase with highly significant results 14 centers and 38 interventionists participated in this registry& only 6 centers are Pilot Centers (Fulfilled Criteria for primary PCI Center) assigned till end of 2011. Cardiovascular risk factors were mainly smoking (60.5%), dyslipidemia (46.0%), diabetes (51.4%) & hypertension (56.0%). The mean age at presentation was 56.01±10.61years & 75.0% were male. Only 5% STEMI patients arriving via Emergency Medical System. The median time from onset of symptoms to presentation was 320 minutes in patients treated with primary PCI and 270 minutes in patients treated with thrombolysis & the median door-to-balloon time was 70 minutes in primary PCI group (688 patients). The median time between end of failed thrombolytic therapy & the rescue PCI was 420 minutes (147 patients).

    In parallel with this registry, several meetings were held for the members to discuss the problems that faced them and performed satellite and public awareness meetings as a basic step of SFL project, satellite meetings aim to communicate the guidelines to the junior cardiologists through SFL members, on the other hand the public awareness campaign presents its message to the community to increase their awareness of their risk factors and how to overcome such health crisis and also how to deal with them in case of their occurrence.

    “We must start involving the community in our project and communicate our vision for the future” said Dr Mohamed Sobhy, Stent for Life Egypt Champion

  • May 2012

    Ministry adoption to the project and engagement Plan

    The ministry have approved that the for any diagnosed STEMI patient , he can go direct to the cathlab and payment will be on governmental expense retroactively in the 6 chosen pilot centers that fit the criteria for processing the operation 24/7.

  • April 2012

    Best Of Stent For Life Forum – Prague

    As a result to this success a meeting was held in Prague between the project’s board and the doctors that participated in data entry and the participation of ministry of health representatives in different sectors for more interaction with the project actual task force to enhance discussions and exchange experiences. The meeting had a very rich content of speakers and sessions, and was the first spark for introducing stent for life to medical societies other than cardiology and for involving referral doctors in different specialties in such a project, Dr Petr Widimský he presented to the audience how the project was born.

  • The ministry should support this type of projects and to remove the barriers facing it to achieve its success and to leave its impact on the health of the Egyptian people” said Dr Fouad El Nawawy- Minister of Health and Population

    March 2012

    Stent For life Board meeting with the Minister of health during CARDIO EGYPT

    As one of the major events in Cardio Egypt’s 39th conference, the board of the Egyptian Society of Cardiology held a meeting with the Minister of Health and Population and the ministry representatives; Dr Sobhy briefed the idea of the project and the progress we achieved during the past period the ideas were exchanged and a fruitful discussion took place.

    “The ministry should support this type of projects and to remove the barriers facing it to achieve its success and to leave its impact on the health of the Egyptian people” said Dr Fouad El Nawawy- Minister of Health and Population.

    Dr. Fouad El Nawawy showed his appreciation through supporting the project with several procedures. The ministry will cover the expenses of operating primary PCR in a retrospective way for the patients who will be diagnosed with ST elevation after the approval of the Tripartite Committee in the center or the hospital that fits the criteria for SFL centers. Setting a protocol for the patients who can be saved during the first hours using catheters or stents in the selected hospitals. Checking all the preparations in the ambulance cars and supporting them with ECG. Providing ambulance cars and preparing it for serving the centers selected for participating in the project. Training the paramedics for operating echocardiography and diagnosing ST elevation. Rapid transmission of the ECG to the doctors. Supporting public awareness campaigns and providing media coverage.

  • February 2012

    1st Phase registry results and 2nd Phase stating

    Egypt Experiencing a Radical Change ….Ministry of Health Engagement

  • January 2012

    1st Physician Education Satellite Meeting in National Heart Institute

    Stent For Life has already began its activities the first satellite meeting was held Sunday the 22nd of January 2012 in the National Heart Institute by Stent For Life team in National Heart Institute , Dr. Adel El Banna, Dr. Hani Ragi, Dr. Maged El Abady, Dr.Ashraf Ahmed, Dr.Mohamed Helmy , Dr.Gada Kazamel, sharing the latest updates with the students in NHI.

  • December 2011

    1st Public Awareness campaign in Alexandria Sporting club

    And as for Dr Ahmed El Shal (project manager) advice" Stent For Life Egypt activities should extend to cover the community"so we began by holding public awareness campaigns, we began our 1st Patient awareness campaign on the 23rd of December 2011 under the slogan (Act now save Life) It was held in Alexandria Sporting Club, it began at 10 am till 4 pm 254 members attended the meeting, it was divided into two sessions the first was medical check-ups for the attendees for Cholesterol level, Random Blood glucose level, Blood pressure, Body waist and Framingham study for all participants and reviewed by cardiologists to all participants. And the second one was a seminar held by the top cardiologists in Egypt leaded by Dr. Mohammed Sobhy and an elite gathering of professors in different specialties like nephrology, cardiac surgery, quality control, and a group of juniors the ICC provided us with 2 ambulance cars, flyers and gifts were distributed on the audience who had great interaction and had a lot of questions that were answered by the board and flayers with the basic instructions to protect your heart from any health crisis.

    Guidelines training – Alexandria

    Under the supervision of the Egyptian society of cardiology and coordination with the European society of cardiology, the 1st Stent for life Forum was held in Alexandria for the implementation of the European practice guidelines for myocardial revascularization.

  • October 2011

    Stent for life Press conference during CARDIOEGYPT Conference

    "We must start involving the community in our project and communicate our vision for the future" said Dr Sobhy.

    Thus we held a press conference with various journals and channels in CARDIO EGYPT conference In Sharm El Sheikh (October 2011) and were pleased to answer their questions and gained a lot from the valuable discussions. The meeting was very important for the initiative as it included Various TV channels and the leading news papers in Egypt with Stent for Life committee and shared questions and discussions which helped to clarify our aim and our plans.

  • June 2011

    1st Stent for life press conference during CardioAlex Conference

    First press conference held during CardioAlex 2011 conference in Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Alexandria - Egypt.

  • 2010

    1st meeting of the Egyptian Steering committee and Task force of the project

    First meeting for their local Steering Committee and Task Force, as well as a session with the Minister of Health and Ambulance Service Manager. This meeting led to the development of a detailed action plan to outline how each of the local barriers would be overcome through engagement with key stakeholders (social, medical and political).

    Then, on 25 January 2011, thousands of Egyptians took to the streets in Cairo to protest long standing concerns over the social, economic and political governance, particularly under the leadership of President Hosni Mubarak, who ruled the country for 30 years. The eyes of the world were on Egypt and the revolution continued for 18 days until, on 11 February 2011, the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak was announced, resulting in massive celebrations in Cairo's Tahir Square. "More than 150 days have passed since the start of the revolution in Egypt, a time during which we as Egyptians were all profoundly affected," said Dr. Ahmed el Shal. "However, things are starting to settle down now and this presents an excellent opportunity for all of us to work hard at achieving our goals both for the Stant for Life Initiative and for the future of our country." The team is now focused on implementing the action plan, including gathering baseline data for a national acute coronary syndrome (ACS)/ acute myocardial infarction (AMI) registry, building a regional EMS network and infrastructure, launching a public awareness campaign, creating a database of current p-PCI practice patterns in Egypt, and developing a pilot "centre of excellence".

    Egypt will have a busy and eventful year ahead, but it is clear that the dedication of the team and aspiration to make a real difference in Egypt will go far in bringing these plans to fruition.